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Civil Ceremony Music

One of the wonderful advantages about having a civil ceremony is that the musical possibilities are endless. There are no limitations and the more personal to you the better. We have selected a beautiful selection of music that will bring so much warmth & emotion to your ceremony. We also offer a bespoke service so if there is a particular song you wish to include we can arrange that for you.


  • 2 musicians (Lucy & accompanying musician)

  • Access to our VIP Suite, which gives you everything you need to make choosing your wedding music easy and enjoyable!

  • Premium equipment. Our audio equipment is discreet in appearance with superior clarity of sound.

  • On the day, we arrive 1-2 hours before the ceremony begins to set up & run through the music in the space to ensure perfect sound quality. We also liaise with your celebrant on their arrival to say "hello!" & run through the music for the ceremony ensuring a seamless flow throughout.

  • As your guests arrive we play beautiful instrumentals to set the scene as we await your arrival.

Special Offer : 
Include Pre-Dinner Entertainment​ for half price
(enquire for details)


After your ceremony why not treat yourself and your guests to some stunning pre-dinner entertainment. Set the scene you want at your pre-dinner reception then relax and mingle with a pre-dinner glass of champagne while we entertain you and your guests with a stylish selection of music.